The images of artist Nassim Aslani, who has been working for NANOBLE Health Concept as a CEO assistant for several years, have always impressed viewers with colorful and joyful colors, vital energy and strong emotions.

At the opening ceremony on 08.11.2019 in the Ev.-Luth. Community Center Mümmelsmansberg, a district in Hamburg, which is known for the special mixture of international cultures, was also about much more. The exhibited images were socially sharply positioned and have made viewers think and discuss, though the happy colors have pleased the eye as always.

The special artist Ms. Nassim Aslani with the special social commitment and with a socially critical position in life has called us to reflect on the current and burning issues of the present time again intensively.

With the generous donation of some of her pictures, she has collaborated with NANOBLE Health Concept to support the Austrian charitable organization at the University of Vienna for adolescents and young adults with oncological diseases.

The pictures can be seen shortly before Christmas in the gallery PAN in Vienna. By selling and auctioning off the donated images of several artists, the organization will fund your charity and help your young patients get along with the disease, provide a great education and are always there for the adolescents and their parents in severe minutes of illness!