We offer the following payment vehicles. Just select the payment vehicle you want. The prices specified in the relevant quotations are final. They include all costs including all the taxes (e.g. VAT). In some cases only at international deliveries you will have to pay other taxes (e.g. customs duties); they are paid not to the seller but to the competent customs and tax authorities.

Direct debit

After the order the invoiced amount will be written off directly from the bank account you are to specify.

Credit card

Simply pay by American Express, Visa or MasterCard.


Pay for your order quickly and safely using your PayPal account.


Free delivery (except for overnight delivery)

Please transfer the whole amount of your order to our bank account:

Account owner: Nanoble Health Concept GmbH

Bank: Postbank

IBAN: DE28 1001 0010 0937 5641 21