69th International Astronautical Congress 2018 1.-5. October 2018, Bremen, Germany, ended on 5.10.2018 (https://www.iac2018.org).
True to our tradition, products with the best possible standards for the health and health prevention of civilization on our planet.

The company Nanoble Health Concept GmbH has participated in the congress at the invitation of its new strategic partner first state in the universe Asgardia (https://asgardia.space/en/).

What is Asgardia

 Asgardia is a first-ever space nation and a global humanitarian project. As a nation, Asgardia has its residents, the constitution, the governance bodies and the territory – satellite Asgardia 1 in low Earth orbit – and it is planning to pursue the UN membership. As a humanitarian project, Asgardia has a mission of the peaceful use of space to the benefit of each and everyone on the planet, regardless of his or her personal welfare and the prosperity of the country where they were born. The strategy of Asgardia includes the realization of very ambitious space projects – from building a sateliite constellation to creating a habitable space are and establishing settlements on the Moon.

Asgardia as a land of startups

Science, technology and entrepreneurship lie in the core of Asgardia’s ideology. That is why a high value is placed on innovative startups. Startups will fuel the growth of Asgardia’s national economy and provide breakthrough technology solutions for its space projects.

Asgardia is creating a special ecosystem in order to attract best startups and help them thrive. The ecosystem includes venture capital fund, accelerator, communication platform and partner network. It provides startups with an access to most valuable resources – funding, business and technology expertise, market access and global pool of talents.

To learn more about our new partner at International Astronautical Congress, please click here https://asgardia.space/en/news/IAC-2018-in-Bremen.-Asgardian-view.

As a manufacturer of a premium medical device MEGA NFC® medical10, which is based on volcanic mineral with a unique HENA® production process, Nanoble Health Concept continues to expand the field of practical applications of the medical device and is proud to introduce the new Partner Space Nation, the state of Asgardia, whose projects are not only realized on our planet, but also support and develop innovative projects of the future in space.