The end of summer is the best time to purge the body, the owner of the Kraftway Clinic, Victoria Roshchaninova is certain. Moreover, there is no need to head off for distant shores for this purpose.

I am certain: Detox is modem hygiene. A short while back I completed a cure in detoxication at the Henri Chenot Clinic in Merano. I was satisfied with the outcome and I took with me the magic powder Mega NFC that they had just started to prescribe for the patients there. Despite all of my love for home-opathy that substance could not interest me. I started to look for information about it and to ask ques-tions of professionals. And all of them unanimously asserted that this product really “works.” And the fact that it was included in the mandatory detoxication cure at the Palace Merano Espace Henri Chenot and the SHA Wellness Clinic speaks for itself.

Although this substance only made its appearance recently, legends are already circulating about it. As an example, one Russian oligarch organised a holiday stag party and gave each of his guests a pack-age of Mega NFC as a gift: Since this powder possesses such powerful cleansing properties, a hango-ver and feeling unwell are excluded, however long the holiday lasted. And a well-known Arab naturo-path, Mosaraf Ali, told me that he conducted tests on the body before and after administration of this substance, and each time the composition of the blood changed for the better. And incidentally, in Arab countries men use it to raise their so-called “manly power.” Even our own homeopath, Yevgeny Nul, who is sceptical about many innovations, returned in ecstasy over the new preparation. He says that it can replace a large number of vitamins and micro-nutrients.

Naturally, after hearing all these stories, I decided to try the preparation myself. 1 took one packet of it on an empty stomach in the morning (although Chenot recommends drinking the miracle substance three times a day, and some of my acquaintances do that twice, in the morning and in the evening). I immediately noticed that I had several times more energy and strength. Incidentally, precisely for that reason the recommendation is not to take it after six o’clock in the evening. It is a natural energizer. And the immune system started working better: I have been ill several times recently. And even though I was practically not doing anything: Was it because I drank so much and frequently performed the pro-cedure on the Endospheres equipment (for me that is the best drainage), in principle, they advise in-creasing physical exertion but I am not on good terms with sports so I ignored this point.

Before beginning a cure of taking the powder, I researched what it consists of and where it comes from. Hope was immediately aroused by the fact that it was certified in Germany; there they take certifi-cation seriously. And the only active ingredient is volcanic lava, mined, I dare say, in the ecologically cleanest place in the world – in Norway. Naturally, it is not just silicon put in packets. It is processed, linking in various nanotechnologies. Ultimately, a substance is produced reminding one by taste (and not just by taste) of Smecta. This product purges the liver, relieves the kidneys, and improves the micro -flora in the intestines and the acid-base environment in the stomach. In addition, this is a very powerful antioxidant exceeding by its own action vitamin C 100 times over.

Until now there have been arguments about whether or not it is necessary to purge the body. Or will the body take care of that by itself? I am categorical on that issue. Even if we do not consume alcohol, do not smoke and eat properly we continue to live in a mega-metropolis! And you don’t have to go far: we all have to have our teeth taken care of. And do you know that the amalgam that dentists use is not eliminated from the body until many years later? And Mega NFC easily gets rid of it from our bodies. We pick up antiperspirant not thinking that if a woman has mastopathy the use of roll-on deodorants and sticks is impossible: they block the functioning of the sweat glands and aggravate the problem. That same Botox is in this case much safer since it only has its effects on the muscle, that is no im-pulse gets through to the sweat glands. But that is a totally different story.

In Moscow the cleansing powders have been presented exclusively at the Kraftway Clinic.

[76 / Harper’s Bazaar / August 2013]