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We possess our own trademark and copyright for design. Exclusive premium product Detox Produkt MEGA NFC® medical 10 can be ordered only from us. Our authorization procedure as of HENA® technology is protected worldwide making our product effective and valuable.

Our premium detox-product is available on the European market as the medicine (EU Certificate, Directive 93/42 EEC).

We are located in the Northern Venice – in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg,

and we do our business according to the best practices of Hansa.

Premium-product MEGA NFC® medical 10 is 100% „Made in Germany“

The state-of-the art German technologies are used during manufacture, and the processes undergo strict control of the German health authorities.

Our product has been approved as a medical drug according to the Directive 93/42, Annex II EEC.

Therefore, the quality of our product is guaranteed by compliance with stringent rules and regulations of the Medical Products Law.