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Beauty is a wonderful gift of nature, but isn’t not eternal, unfortunately…

Thousands of visitors to the Beauty Forum in Munich, held October 27-28, wanted to know how to preserve the slimness of the silhouette, elasticity of the skin and a radiant young healthy look. More than 1000 companies presented innovative cosmetic products and novelties of hardware care for body and face for 42.000 visitors. In preparation ... Read more

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On behalf of the health on earth and in space

69th International Astronautical Congress 2018 1.-5. October 2018, Bremen, Germany, ended on 5.10.2018 (https://www.iac2018.org). True to our tradition, products with the best possible standards for the health and health prevention of civilization on our planet. The company Nanoble Health Concept GmbH has participated in the congress at the invitation of its new strategic partner first ... Read more

2018-10-30T09:20:01+00:00October 26th, 2018|News|

Acknowledgment to Nanoble Health Concept for sponsoring the Marbella Intecracy ITF Cup

Dear Sirs ! The team of the organizers of the Marbella Intecracy ITF Cup women pro circuit expresses special gratitude to Nanoble Health Concept from Hamburg for the help and support in the organization of the international tennis tournament for professional players, which took place from September 3 - 9 in ROYAL TENNIS CLUB MARBELLA. The tournament ... Read more

2018-10-30T09:20:11+00:00September 28th, 2018|News|

Women’s professional tennis tournament from 3 to 9 September at the Royal Tennis Club Marbella

Preparations for the new international women's professional tennis tournament, which will be held at Royal Tennis Club Marbella on September 3-9 are at full speed. The official name of the tournament is MARBELLA INTECRACY ITF CUP. Category of tournament: ITF pro circuit with prize fund 15 000 $. The official ball- Wilson. Approximately 100 participants ... Read more

2018-10-30T09:20:21+00:00August 14th, 2018|News|


The German corporation Nanoble Health Concept concludes a strategically important cooperation with MedGen, a young company in the field of human gene analysis. „With the latest technology from nutrigenetics, epigenetics and medical genetics, it is now possible to investigate your own genes. Valuable knowledge about your genes is used as the key to performance, health & vitality, anti aging and SLIMNESS for life“, ... Read more

2018-07-02T15:07:08+00:00July 1st, 2018|News|


Nanoble Health Concept resolutely continues its cooperation with partners from the medical sector. The current new partnership was entered into with GutMed, an Austrian company consisting of a team of physicians focused on the treatment of foreign patients at home specialists and hospitals in Austria. „We support patients from all over the world for general ... Read more

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Vogue Italia

The detox pulvis is to be dissolved in water and drunk mornings; this helps to prevent degenerative diseases, improves appearance of skin and exercises anti-aging effect. ‘If there is any amrita’, – says Ornella Muti, the actress – ‘then this is MEGA NFC® medical10: antioxidant promoting renewal of youth, the latest generation drug which promises ... Read more

2017-05-15T10:17:04+00:00July 20th, 2016|Press|

ELLE Undercover agent of beauty

ELLE Detox pulvis - undercover agent of beauty, unusual diagnostics and diet – Maria Taranenko tested special program Journalists and colleagues have long discussed powder on the effective healing of Mega NFC, which was presented at the clinic Kraftway. I could at first not to practice it squirm take. In November I was, however, overtaken ... Read more

2017-05-15T10:15:12+00:00July 18th, 2016|Press|

Irina Kirienko, Director of the Beauty Department of In Style magazin, Russia

„I organize a Sports Marathon for me before the Christmas Marathon - I train in World Class Pawlowo three times per week and I do exclusive massage at Aldo Coppola. After the events I try to visit SPA "L. Raphael "of the Kempinski Hotel Nikolskaya to make a proprietary oxygen facial treatment: facial skin comes ... Read more

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